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Fabulous Vodka Company

A Slick Look



Fabulous Vodka Company - portfolio

Fabulous Vodka is a client we have been designing for through another web agency. We have great connections with the agency in question but they are focused on web development so we take care of all of their design work for them!

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Fabulous Vodka Website

fabulous vodka websiteThe Fabulous Vodka Website was designed to promote the range of drinks available and to enable customers to buy online.

About Fabulous Vodka

At The Fabulous Vodka Company we have a mission, which is to develop and produce the finest alcoholic drinks. We only use the purest spirits blended or distilled with the finest natural ingredients to produce the smoothest most delicious drinks suitable for drinking neat, over ice, in a cocktail, or as an ingredient in delicious food dishes.

Visit The website: www.fabulousvodka.co.uk


Fabulous Vodka Leaflet

fabulous vodka websiteThe Fabulous Vodka leaflet was designed to promote the main range of drinks.

The leaflets needed to get a range of information across while being generic enough that they could be used for a wide range of purposes, even small posters.

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